This is what we are about.

Red Kite Yurts was founded by Paul Millard in 2000 and now joined by James Birnie. Paul has had a lifelong interest in the culture and way of life of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Paul and James have made several visits to Kyrgyzstan working with Yurt Masters and have built long-lasting friendships with craftsmen that they have met on their travels.

The Central Asian nomadic felted trellised tent (Yurt) has been a distinctive feature of life among tribes of the Near East and Central Asia, from China to Turkey, and from the Altai Mountains in the north to Afghanistan in the south for at least three thousand years.

The yurt is traditionally covered with thick layers of felt and is especially adapted to withstand severe cold and windy conditions. During hot summer months, the wall felts may be replaced by reed or sedge screens to keep the yurt cool. A typical 6 metre diameter Yurta, Djurt, Ger or Boz üy will house a family with several children and close relatives.

Red Kite Yurts are crafted according to ancient traditions from Kyrgyzstan, using coppiced and locally sourced ash from ancient Scottish woodlands. It is processed by hand before being steamed to achieve the classic dome shape of the “tent”.